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VinylCTR app

Take CTRL of your business.
Focus on the music.

Tailored for the Nightlife and hospitality industry...Welcome to VinylCTRL


Streamlined gig-matchmaking and booking, talent and event promotion, and the opportunity to take CTRL of your passion.  

Event Organizer

Secure & Trustworthy

Simple & Efficient

Better Collaboration

For DJs, Independent Artists, Venues, and Event Organizers!


DJ gig booking
  • Efficient Booking Process. 

    • Quickly search and book gigs with simplified matchmaking process.

  • Accurate Scheduling.

    • ​Manage your calendar to avoid double bookings and scheduling conflicts.

  • Contract and Invoice Management.

    • Easily manage contracts and invoices for seamless business operations.

  • Enhanced Promotion.

    • Auto-generated marketing features to assist in event & talent visibility.


business management app

Booking Management

Effortlessly manage your bookings and calendar management in one centralized platform.

DJ spinning

Matchmaking Tool

Create a profile and enjoy a seamless connection for gig match-making and a simplified booking process.

Marketing promotion

Marketing Features

Artists & DJs are able to promote their talent and event organizers receive additional marketing support.

Vinyl Record

Contract & Invoice Management

Generate professional contracts and invoices for a seamless workflow and to keep track of your business.

artist managment

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

Dynamic, confident, and innovative. We have a passion for music and a drive to revolutionize the industry. We are approachable, supportive, and dedicated to the success of our users.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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